About Our Beef

Pusheta Creek Antibiotic-Free and Hormone-Free Beef Steaks

We are a small local family owned and operated 15 acre free-range ranch in Ohio.  We believe in better health for everyone – ourselves, our cattle and our clients through high quality ethics and values such as treating your neighbor (and animals) as you would want to be treated – basically considering the well-being of all Gods creatures.  We are OK with our operations being less profitable than the big steak producers.  We choose to have smaller facilities, a smaller herd size, and more expensive feed because that means we have less disease, happier cows and more sanitary conditions.happy healthy grassfed beef

We also believe in grassfed beef supplemented with fresh corn and oats grain.  Our cows start off and spend the majority of their lives eating grass and hay.  We do supplement their diet with a grain and oats ration to balance their vitamin and mineral intake.  Not only do the cows love it, but this makes the steaks delicious, tasty, tender, well-marbled and healthy.  We treat our animals well, they receive excellent care and are naturally raised with room to roam about.  They receive no regular antibiotics and are hormone free as well.  We produce the closest meat to organic that you can buy without having to pay the full organic prices.  You can rest assured of the safety and quality of our grassfed beef products as we are regularly inspected and regulated by the Federal USDA.

We are a small local beef producer and distributor who takes the time to custom fit your order to exactly what you want. Pusheta Creek Steaks online also can ship your order to family and friends if you would like to surprise that someone special with a memorable and delicious gift.  We are open to any questions or product suggestions.

One easy call to our office and we can get you set up and make sure your order is either ready to ship or it can be picked up – call now to order (419) 303-3316 or click here to shop for delicious beef products.