How to Make Burgers Perfectly

How to Make Burgers Perfectly – Top Tips from the Experts:

This is America’s holy grail.  Have you ever had the perfect burger?  Think about the mouth-watering times you’ve craved a delicious, juicy, tender hamburger … perhaps you were out in the woods hunting or backpacking for a week, or travelling abroad …How to make burgers perfectly gourmet cheese

Your particular perfect burger will vary based on your tastes, experience, culture and heritage, so we give plenty of choices for you.  From our experience and research, here’s the secrets for how to make burgers perfectly every time:

  1. Select high quality beef.  Wet your hands to make patties – it keeps your hands cleaner and creates more cohesive burgers.  20% fat content is most delicious.  Click here for convenient best quality online beef shopping.
  2. Buy bakery bread or buns – try various flavors and grains.  I saw mouth-watering cheddar jalapeno buns at a bakery the other day.
  3. Cheese tops it off perfectly – about 1/8th of an inch thick or more, favorites include Swiss, blue, sharp cheddar, or pepper jack.
  4. Experiment with your favorite fixings – fresh locally grown lettuce, plump tomatoes, crunchy onions, savory pickles are the basics.  What about jalopenos, sauteed mushrooms, capers, avocado …
  5. Special sauces are the key – mayonnaise, katsup, mustard (Dijon, yellow, stone ground, honey …), BBQ sauce, Cajun sauce, horseradish.  Use your imagination.
  6. Spices like seasoned salt, salt, pepper, old bay, or Monterey steak seasoning add extra pizzazz and flavor to the perfect burger.
  7. pre-heat grill at high heat for 10-15 minutes.  Clean grill with wire brush.  Sear in juices over high heat for 1-2 minutes per side, then 2-3 minutes per side again on lower heat to get those beautiful cris-cross grill marks.
  8. Burger is ready to flip when it releases easily from the grate.  It’s best to slightly undercook the meat and let it finish self-cooking from within when you remove it.  It’s very tough to uncook an overdone piece of meat.

Thanks for visiting our blog article on how to make burgers perfectly – Hope you enjoy your perfect burgers.  What suggestions do you have to add?

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