Pusheta Creek Steaks Featured on In Ohio Country Today

Our own Amanda Liffiton was recently interviewed on “In Ohio Country Today“, where she talks about how she got into beef and show cattle, as well as how and why Pusheta Creek Steaks raises and sells only antibiotic-free and hormone-free beef.

You can view the video below or read the transcript beneath:


Dan: Welcome back to In Ohio Country Today with Amanda Liffiton. We’re in Auglaize county to talk about this project, but Amanda, tell us a little about yourself…

Amanda: I went to Wapakoneta for high school and after graduation I went to Ohio State and got a degree in agriculture. I pursued animal science, got a little bit into the meat science. And then through 4-H when I was growing up, got into the beef cattle. From there I expanded to show cattle, and then as a by-product of my show cattle I have freezer beef and from freezer beef we got into selling individual roasts, steaks and hamburger and just kind of customized the product to meet the customer’s needs.

D: That’s what we’re here to talk about is “Pusheta Creek Steaks”. And tell us how you got the idea, and what brought on the entrepreneurial spirit.

A: Last September we went to a conference in Columbus held by Loral Langemeier called 3 Days to Cash. She has this community called Live Out Loud and her goal is to take everyday people, find the 3-5 things they’re good at and make them millionaires in 3-5 years. So that’s kind of the way the whole thing started.

One person there suggested we specialize in selling roasts, steaks and hamburgers, so the whole thing took off from that.

D: Amanda, how did you get the idea to attend this workshop that you attended?

A: Actually my Mom dragged me to it, kicking and screaming! Mom had been a part of the community for a couple of years. Most of the conferences were on the West coast or East coast and this one finally came to Ohio. She took me there and from there I got the bug and the entrepreneurial sprint and the “Yes Energy” as Loral would call it and decided to start my own company and see what kind of future I could make for myself.

D: When they were doing this workshop, it wasn’t necessarily strictly dealing with people selling cattle, it was people from all walks of life?

A: Yeah, nobody was really into agriculture. Actually Loral is form Nebraska and her brother raises club lambs and stuff like that, but she was the only agriculture person there, besides my mother and I.

Everybody is just kind of amazed at the things at do here. It’s kind of no big deal to me because it’s part of my everyday life and something that I do. It kind of amazes me that everybody is amazed that the things I do!

D: You talked about 4-H and your background and raising club calves, but you actually have a whole herd of cow/calf operation here.

A: Yeah, I’ve got about 30 calves, we’ll calve those calves out in January, February or March and I’ll hopefully get some guys in here to look at some good steers and they’ll buy some steers from me. I’ll send some to the fat lot that we’ve got down the road. There are others we’ll keep as bulls and maybe some heffers that we’ll take to the Ohio and Michigan Beef Expos and sell there.

D: You know, one thing that’s unique about Pusheta Creek Steaks is how you’re labeling them and how the animals are fed.

A: Yes, I’m selling them as antibiotic and hormone free. I do treat cattle if they get sick, but other than that they don’t get any antibiotic or homes in their feed. They get hay – they don’t necessarily go out on grass or anything, but they come out of the barn and they go roam around on their lot. Everybody thinks that if it’s not grass-fed that means they’re confined in a small area and that’s not necessarily true.

D: Over the last few years we’ve had issues with making sure that agricultural animals are treated humanely, and with the product that you’re raising here, you’re fitting that bill.

A: Yes, I want to raise a safe, healthy product for everybody. It doesn’t do me any good to abuse my animals and it doesn’t do the consumer any good. I want to provide my consumer with the best product that I possibly can.

D: And the other thing is you’re providing a product that the consumer wants.

A:Yeah, exactly, I’m trying to specialize a little bit and seek a target market that is people that are looking for a product that’s healthy, safe, antibiotic and hormone free plus tastes good if not better than some of the same stuff that they’re buying for a little bit less money in the supermarkets.

D: Well, Amanda, thank you for being with us today!

A: Thank you, I appreciate it!

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