About Our Cattle

At Pusheta Creek Farms, we proudly raise Maine-Anjou and Simmental beef cattle. Each breed has a long and unique history.

Maine-Anjou originated in the northwestern part of France, and were known for their easy fattening and delicious marbling. In 1843 a French agriculturist wrote that they were “the last to be put onto the grass but the first to be picked out to go to the markets in the capital city.” The Maine-Anjou is one of the larger breeds, with mature bulls ranging from 2,200 to 3,100 pounds, and mature cows range from 1,500 to 1,900 pounds. They were first imported into North America in 1969.

Originating in Western Switzerland, the Simmental is one of the most widely bred cattle, with an estimated 40-60 million around the world. Popular in many other countries as both dairy and beef cattle by the mid-1800s, the red and white Simmental were likely introduced to the United States around 1887, but they did not immediately catch on and were re-introduced in the late 1960s.

Both breeds are gentle and adaptable to our variable Midwestern weather conditions. We participate in both breeders’ associations so we can stay up-to-date about how to maintain a happy and healthy herd without use of hormones or antibiotics. Our customers enjoy the delicious results in our juicy strip, T-bone and tip steaks, delicious English, chuck, and rump roasts, and much more. Check out our online store and make your selections today.