What is the lean to fat ratio in your hamburger?
Our hamburger is 80% lean and 20% fat.

What temp do I cook my meat to?
Rare: 125F
Medium-Rare: 135F
Medium: 145F
Medium well: 150F
Well done: 160F
The USDA recommends that you should cook all hamburger to 160F or above.

I placed my order.  When do I get my meat?
We ship all orders the first part of the week, normally on Monday.  You should receive your order by Wednesday or Thursday.


We ship orders at the beginning of the week, normally on Monday or Tuesday.  Two days later you should have your order.  You will get an email from the shipper with tracking information so that you can track your order and be home when it arrives.  If you can not be home when your package is delivered it will be safe setting on your porch for a couple of hours.  However, if you will not be home we recommend that you call us and set up your shipment for a later date.

All of our meat is frozen and is shipped with dry ice in an insulated shipping box.  Your meat may arrive slightly thawed with no dry ice left.  As long as the temperature of your meat is below 40 degrees it is still safe.  

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