Safe Roasting!

by Amanda Liffiton

Safe Roasting!

Here are some tips for safely handling and cooking your beef roasts:
  • Make sure to label each package of beef with the date, cut, weight and number of servings. Use the oldest date first!
  • Frozen uncooked roasts and steaks should be used within a year or discarded.
  • Note that ground beef is more perishable and should be used within 4 months or discarded.
  • It's always safest to thaw beef in the refrigerator.
  • When thawing, put beef packages on a plate or tray on the lowest shelf to catch any juices. Be sure to keep the meat and juices away from all other foods.
  • Use hot, soapy water to wash hands before and after handling raw meat and other fresh foods.
  • Use clean paper towel to pat roasts dry before browning.
  • Use a different carving board for raw meats. Be sure to keep food prep areas and serving platters away.
  • It's important to keep raw meat and meat juices away from other foods during preparation.
  • Be sure to carefully wash all cutting surfaces, counters and utensils with hot, soapy water after any contact with raw meat or meat juices.
  • If the heat is too high, the outside of the roast can char while the interior is underdone.
  • Beef should be cooked straight from the refrigerator - do not bring the beef to room temperature before cooking, which can allow bacteria to form.
  • Use tongs to turn roasts - a fork will pierce the beef and flavorful juices can be lost.
  • Cook roasts to at least 145° internal temperature, which is considered medium. Allow roast to rest at least 3 minutes.

Try this easy roast recipe and bring your family together around a warm, welcoming winter table!

Amanda Liffiton
Amanda Liffiton


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