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Two boneless rib-eye steaks, each cut 1" thick and weighing 13 to 15 ounces. Beefy, juicy, flavorful rib-eyes have a high fat content with plenty of marbling and large pockets of fat throughout. Taken from the upper rib cage, these delicious steaks have a finer-grained center “eye” with looser, fattier beef around the edge. Cook carefully as the high fat content can cause flare-ups.

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The Pusheta Promise

We raise all the beef we sell, on our fifth-generation Century Farm in Ohio, USA. Our cattle are free to roam and graze, and are also offered a high-quality feed. This combination nurtures a healthy herd, without use of hormones or antibiotics. We are committed to ethically raising safe and delicious beef for your family to enjoy.

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